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Sep 28, 2012 6:30pm PDT
our efforts. westerwelle speaking at the united nations in new york. france is a socialist government has unveiled a budget that is being called the toughest in three decades -- france's socialist government. it includes tax hikes for the rich and businesses in france. it is aimed at showing francois hollande and his team have the physical rigor to maintain france's reputation as a pillar in the eurozone. >> they came to narrow the deficit next year to 3% of national output -- date came to narrow the deficit next year. >> among the measures -- a temporary 75% income tax on earnings over 1 million euros. business also faces cuts in tax breaks. the prime minister presented the 2013 budget. >> this is a budget for social justice. and it is a budget for growth. it prepares us for the future. it is a courageous and responsible budget. >> the package includes public spending cuts of 10 billion euros. france's economy is in a precarious position. second quarter gdp was stagnant, and unemployment has just talked 3 million -- topped 3 million. the government is aiming to make good o
Sep 21, 2012 7:00am EDT
muhammad. while france has closed embassy, consulates and talks in 20 countries fearing a backlash. let's get more, kristin frazier has more on this. christian, interesting news by the french authorities. not entirely surprising, i think. >> no, they were very quick out of the block on wednesday in light of the protest we've seen over the week. they're worried about being stung by the backlash by these u.s. embassies have suffered and the foreign minister was quick to improve and enhance security in 20 countries. there's also protection for french schools and there's a travel warning for french people as well. and there was talking on the ground, in cairo saying when you put the video and the cartoons together, you see the goals between the west and islam. and that's the concern that suddenly, they're being grouped with the united states and they do fear that they may seem spectacular protest -- similar protests outside french embassies. i think the thing you can say is it's consistently provocative to coincide with the day of prayer is obviously not great and it's been seen in tha
Sep 27, 2012 12:00am PDT
: and then the foreign miminister of france, laurent fabius. >> we have to fulfill our role, and today we do not. but if this massacre continues, i think, first, it will have terrible effects on the region. and maybe-- well, our principle, as evidence saying, is to comply with the international legal rules. but the time comes where the human pressure is too strong. and maybe the time is coming. >> rose: in order, it may be a time that you have to act, even though you cannot get security council approval? >> it could be. you know when you have such massacre, you cannot say never. >> rose: mario monti, and laurent fabius when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications >> tonight a special edition of charlie rose. >> rose: mario monti is here. he is the prime minister of italy. he is also a senator for life, and until last july he was italy's minister of economy and finance. but he is not exactly a politician. as a respected economist considered to be above party politics he was chosen to form a new technocratic government. it put him at the center of the european debt crisi
Sep 6, 2012 11:00am PDT
france and germany and has endured centuries of conflict between those two nations. today, it is one seat of the european union-- a symbol of modern unity. as political boundaries become more permeable, perceptions of place change as well as deeper, more personal meanings of national identity. when state boundaries become porous, what does it mean to be french or german or european? strasbourg serves as one of three centers for the european union. this medium-sized city of 250,000 is not a major player in europe's financial or industrial arenas. so why is it playing such an important role in europe's political future? the answer can be found in strasbourg's cultural history-- a product of its unique borderland location. strasbourg literally means "city of the roads that cross." these roads lead west to atlantic europe, east to central europe, north to great britain and south to the mediterranean world. most crucial of all, strasbourg sits on the rhine river between two of europe's strongest historical rivals-- france and germany. strasbourg really occupies a very special kind of posi
Sep 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
-year-old is still in france. >> yes, the 7-year-old girl who was shot and beaten as she was brought into a medically inded coma in france. she has since come out of that coma and we understand close relatives are now by her bed side in france. she's also under armed guard. her 4-year-old sister, she is now back in the u.k., also with close relatives. obviously she hasn't come back to the family home here. these two girls would seem to be the only witnesses to this horrific crime that took place in southeast france last week. the e understand the 4-year-old girl has been spoken to by french investigators and that she really knows nothing. she was hidden throughout, she was under her mother's skirt and she saw nothing. but french police have said they don't want to keep questioning her about this, lengthening the ordeal, making it worse for her because they're satisfied that she can't help. of course the 7-year-old, they believe she may hold vital information and she may well be the key to holding all of this. they're saying they're in no rush to speak to her, when the doctors say she
FOX Business
Sep 29, 2012 12:00am EDT
the wealthiest citizens in france have to pay their government. that is, thank you, to the country's socialist president. there he is. he looks so happy, doesn't he? how would you feel about giving 75% of your income to uncle sam? for now that insane tax rate is staying on the other side of the pond. i don't know, are we next? joining me for more on this, chief economist brian wesbury. brian, great to have you back on the show and i just fear that there are folks in washington who look at this and say, now, that french thinking, they are thinking right. scary, right? >> yes. we know they like a lot of things that the french like. big government. big spending. big entitlement programs. and this is the last gasp. i call this paul krugman's alamo. i guess if you're going to talk european we have to say it is the waterloo, right? melissa: right. >> we spent all the money. we can't afford it. now we'll tack, we're going to confiscate people's income to try to pay for all of this. what they will do is destroy their economy. so this will be, this will be the end for france. this can't last.
Sep 19, 2012 11:30am PDT
. precautions france is staking. >>> new fall out from the secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser. how his campaign is trying to explain competents. >>> new headache for the royal family. where those >>> france has increased security at some of is embassies after a paris magazine published two cartoons regarding prophet mohammed. those offices were fire bombed last year. france says foreign minister is defending freedom of expression. but also warning the magazine that it could be throwing oil on the fire. muslim leaders in france were urging followers to remain calm. >> the fallout continues this morning over a secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser in may. president obama is weighing in. karen traverse has more from washington. >> reporter: last night on the letterman show president obama fired back at the leaked tape that is causing mitt romney's campaign major headaches. >> there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims, who think they are entitled to something. >> reporter: in the video romney seen saying 47% of americans will vote for president obama b
Sep 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
:00 in beijing in the evening, 1:00 in the afternoon in france, where a french court has ordered the magazine to hand over topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. the magazine, of course, had already published the photos. the publication was told to cease immediately in publishing the images. hugh, from paris. round one to the duke and duchess of cambridge? >> definitely and predictably. this civil court has found in favor of the royal couple and issued an emergency injunction banning the magazine from any further publication of these intimate photographs. the case was argued yesterday in court, putting their points of view of, saying that the judges filed their decision and it is as, one of the predicted, in favor of the royal couple, meaning that the magazine cannot republish the photographs and they must withdraw them, the traces that there are, from the internet. it does not mean that the magazine itself will be pulled from sale. it does mean that here in france, at least, the photographs cannot be published again. there is this other sort of ruling that the magazine has to h
Sep 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. >> cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammed in a french magazine -- france said is is closing 20 embassies fearing a backlash. >> human-rights activist condemn the syrian army crackdown. >> a secret stash of photographs and the late american actor, dennis hopper, goes on display in berlin. >> will this unleash another wave of violence in the muslim world? a french satirical magazine has published cartoons of the prophet mohammed. >> there is already action from the arab league, calling the publication provocative and outrageous. the league has pleaded to muslims not to turn to violence to express their disapproval. >> but france is not counting on the arab league. france says it will close and disease and schools in 20 countries on friday as a precaution. >> extra police have been posted outside the offices of the french magazine that printed the cartoons. the same offices were firebombed last year after a satire on conservative islam was published. the magazine's publisher says he understands the concerns of muslims but not all -- but also defends his right to print what he pleases. >> in
Sep 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
than 1 million euros per year. >> french's resist -- france's biggest man is -- france's richest man is being accused of leaving to pay fewer taxes. >> he became the richest man in france by selling luxury. then he caused a stir by making a decision that not all french could understand. he said he wanted to become belgian. >> yes, indeed. he has applied for national belgian -- for belgian nationality. >> he apparently bought a house in this wealthy neighborhood of brussels. he refuses to disclose the address. rumors flew that the biggest -- the business magnate was fleeing his homeland because of the new tax on the rich. france's opposition had a field day. >> despite the uproar, presient francois hollande insists he is going through with it. >> this tax is an important part of measures to address the nation's finances. once those are successful, it can be abolished. >> for his part, he has denied he is becoming a tax exile. he insists he will remain a resident of france and fulfill this fiscal oblations -- obligations, like all french people, rich or poor. >> we will be asking young pe
Sep 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. >>> plus, what happens in france stays in san francisco? maria speaks with a mitt romney supporter and hp ceo carly fiorina. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... see they all have h a deeper knowledgeresting in of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is ending soon. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> welcome back. all day we've been looking at key issues facing specific industries in q-4. right now here's m
Sep 11, 2012 9:00am PDT
, thank you. as always, good to see you. >>> the president of france not just facing a brutal economy, dealing with high profile love triangle involving the mother of his children and current girlfriend. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven. i bought the car because of its efficiency. i bought the car because i could eliminate gas from my budget. i don't spend money on gasoline. it's been 4,000 miles since my last trip to the gas station. it's pretty great. i get a bunch of kids waving at me... giving me the thumbs up. it's always a gratifying experience. it makes me feel good about my car. i absolutely love my chevy volt. ♪ >>> angelina jolie putting the spotlight on syrian refugees as the crisis nears epic proportions. a quarter million have fled their country in the last 18 months of bloodshed, 85,000 of them have escaped across the border to jordan. jolie has been visiting some of them today at the camp in her role as a u.n. refugee agency special envoy. jolie spoke passionately about the wounded children she met are who now orphaned because of the civil war. we'll bring
Sep 19, 2012 11:00am PDT
mohammed. precautions france is staking. >>> new fall out from the secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser. how his campaign is trying to explain competents. >>> new headache for the royal family. where those topless photos of kate middleton >>> france has increased security at some of is embassies after a paris magazine published two cartoons regarding prophet mohammed. those offices were fire bombed last year. france says foreign minister is defending freedom of expression. but also warning the magazine that it could be throwing oil on the fire. muslim leaders in france were urging followers to remain calm. >> the fallout continues this morning over a secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser in may. president obama is weighing in. karen traverse has more from washington. >> reporter: last night on the letterman show president obama fired back at the leaked tape that is causing mitt romney's campaign major headaches. >> there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims, who think they are entitled to something. >> reporter: in the video romney seen saying
Sep 16, 2012 6:00pm EDT
are planning to do publish top less pictures of kate middleton. papers in france, italy, and ireland have published the photos. and they are seeking damages against those who first published the pictures. they were taken while the royal couple was on vacation in southern france. they are on a trip across southeast asia. >>> a celebration for the start of hiss panic heritage month, and the animals got building in on the action, a beautiful end to the weekend. but which is worried about a terrible tuesday. more on what you can count on in the week ahead, right after the break. stay wit [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>. >> hispanic heritage month took center stage at the national zoo. friends
Sep 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
of kate are published in france. as the royal couple continues their tour of asia with a trip to malaysia, they say they are saddened and disappointed over the invasion of their privacy. >> hello, welcome to "g.m.t." also coming up -- in egypt, protests continue outside the u.s. embassy in cairo over the controversial film insulting the prophet muhammad. and the pope arrived in lebanon for the first visit there in 15 years, and he brings a message of peace. it's 7:00 in the morning in washington, 1:00 in the afternoon in paris, and midday here in london, where st. james palace is taking legal advice after a french magazine published topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. in a statement, the palace said that william and kate have been hugely saddened to learn the french publication and a photographer have insided their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner. the couple is seeking advice from lawyers in france. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge toured a mosque for the first time during their tour of malaysia this morning. this is a largely muslim count
Sep 28, 2012 4:00pm PDT
it was determined it is going to balance its books. >> france tonight, learning the details of one of its toughest budgets and 30 years. ministers met to decide how to fix a large hole in the finances and reduce the deficit. the richest households and the biggest companies would bear most of the pain. >> this is a fighting budget to restore the country to health. this is fighting a debt. >> the budget will lead to savings of 30 billion euros next year. that is less than 2% of the economic output. public spending will be frozen. care will be higher taxes on those earning over $1 million. they will be taxed at 75%. he is a new media person and a millionaire and he believes the higher taxes will send a message that france is not open for business. >> the risk is not only that talent will leave the country but the young ones with talent will leave the country. >> this week has seen the paris motor show. hard selling in tough times. the french economy is stagnating and workers are being laid off. eight thousands at peugeot alone. some argue that if france is to grow again, it needs radi
Sep 6, 2012 7:00am EDT
three adults said to be tourists shot in a car in france near a popular tourist destination. the young girl is said to be in a critical condition. >> late last night, at an astonishing discovery. a 4-year-old girl found alive under bodies in a car. the girl is thought to be uninjured but was taken to hospital as a precaution. 3 of the four victims are reported to be british. the other dead man, a cyclist, was found nearby along with a badly injured seven-year old girl. this is a very unusual investigation. >> once the criminal investigation technicians arrive, we were able to open the vehicle. we discovered a small child. she was without a doubt immobile in the midst of the bodies. >> it is thought the cyclist may have been killed because he witnessed the attack. the motive for their murder is a mystery. meanwhile, police have been at a nearby campsite. this is a remote area popular with tourists. the bodies have now been removed from the murder scene and the foreign office is expected to make a statement. >> let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. palest
Sep 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
the world to live with their father in france. the actress is speaking out for the first time in an abc news exclusive. >>> plus, megamystery. he's had all of california guessing, who am i? lottery officials have released this store surveillance video, hoping to find this lucky $52 million lotto jackpot winner before his ticket expires. the man, revealed this morning. >>> and call him mr. grey. the husband of the "fifty shades of grey" author speaking out for the first time. what does he think of his wife's steamy novels? did he help inspire them? we'll have that and much more come coming up on "good morning america." [ music playing ] [ music playing ] check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relie
Sep 4, 2012 11:30am PDT
as his paintings. born in france, he was raised in peru. a sailor in his teens, a stockbroker in his twenties, by the age of 35 he was a married father of four and a collector of paintings. he bought works from Édouard manet and the impressionists camille pissarro and edgar degas. and then, a plot twist. in 1882, seized by the desire to create rather than collect art, he cast it all away. rejecting the fetters of bourgeois society, he began a search for artistic purity that would last for the rest of his life. he scoured the most remote areas of france and its colonies for subjects, restlessly scraping away the veneer of civilization to search for deeper truths and redefine the course of painting. and he died in poverty only to be widely recognized as a genius by later generations. but gauguin was more than a character in his story. he was the creator of paul gauguin, the visionary artist and myth-maker. from the outset, gauguin crafted persona after persona to shape the direction of his art and alter the trajectory of his career. he could be gauguin the peasant, rejecting the e
Sep 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
teacher who has believed to run away to france with one of its pupils to do the right thing and make contact with them and th. concerns were raised before the disappearance. this report contains some flash photography. >> for a fifth day, the 15-year- old remains missing, presumed in france with her teacher twice her age. her mother made in emotional appeal for her to come home. >> i don't care what you have done. i just want you home. and your brother is absolutely devastated. he wants you back. please text me, ring me. >> the alarm was raised when she failed to arrive at her school in east friday. she was thought to travel to france on thursday evening with her math teacher who performs as a musician. ♪ the pair had ticket for a return ferry on sunday evening but did not use them. messages are being evaluated and analyzed while the french authorities continued the search of broad. there remains nothing to do but wait and hope. >> you can continue to follow that story on our website where you will find up to date information. just go to this is gmt from bbc world new
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
cutting their corporate tax rate from 22 percent after lowering it to 26 percent. >>neil: and france has coverage at 75 percent. they are not all marching to that. the difference is president obama is saying pretty much what i have given you, i will give you more, i think the trend is my friend, the infrastructure and government initiatives, that is paying off. and romney says the opposite, i will cut your taxes, that is the best way to create a boom and off we go. does the roundtable have any position on this? >>guest: we don't endorse candidates. we do not even do evaluation of congressional voting records but what we do is talk about what it takes to get america moving and we do not think that, now, 45 months or so with trillion dollar deficits, and the high unemployment, that is not the way to do it. we have never re-elect add president with these numbers so the debate will be very interesting. >>neil: were you surprised, governor, that this president's polling is as well as it is? particularly in the battle ground states such as yours? dough spite all of that. >>guest: yes, but
Sep 5, 2012 3:30pm PDT
girl i remember that was coming from the french colony. she was in algeria and came back to france. she had a very white skin. very, very white with speckles? >> freckles. >> freckles. more glamorous. glittering. but she was glamorous for me, sparkles -- no, freckles. sorry, i cannot say. [laughter] but she has beautiful red hair, light afro type but red hair. to me, i was like, oh, my god, she is so beautiful. for me, if i want to be friends with someone that i admire, i have to be like him or her, cannot have the red hair. so i say, i also come from nigeria and i am like you. [laughter] i do not think she believed me so i was inventing names. anyway. so she influenced me. she had white skin. you could see her veins. she was very strange but beautiful for me. i was always attracted by different beauty that i saw everywhere. i remember some movies called guess who's coming to have dinner tonight with sydney party. i remember i said to my parents -- i was 12. if i come with a black girl, what will you say? and they say, if you love her, that is perfect for you. years after when it t
Sep 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
, dan abrams. dan, the photos are on the newsstands this morning in france. what legal options does the palace really have as they consult their lawyers? >> remember, generally, they don't sue the media. they've had a policy of not suing the media. this is more egregious in a sense you're talking about a long lens, on vacation, and in france, where the privacy laws are very tough. the problem is, yeah. they're tough. except with what's the remedy? it's a fine. and a lot of these media organizations are happy to just pay that fine and have the picture because there's going to be, as you point out, no way to literally prevent the photos from making it to the newsstands and certainly not on the internet. >> that's why undoubtedly the magazine did not let the palace know a week ago, when they took the photos, that they had them. >> they would have had a hard time getting an injunction to prevent them from publishing it anyway. this tends to be after-the-fact punishment. >> the palace, in a statement this morning, invoked the memory of princess diana and said that is one reason why it ma
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
first time since being elected earlier this spring. he said france will support new sanctions against iran. he talked about climate change in europe's debt crisis. >> on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations his excellency, and i invite him to address the assembly. >> >> ladies and gentlemen, representatives of states, it is the first time that i speaking at the united nations. the it is a very moving moment for me. i understand what the united nations is for our world and what it has done for our history. i also am aware of a sense of responsibility. they have duties. i am also here to talk about values that cannot belong to any people, of values that are not owned by any continents and that not the privilege of any group of the population. i am here to talk about a universal values. france has always proclaimed the right of every human being wherever they live, liberty, safety, and resistance to oppression. these values and bright are too frequently trampled upon in our world, especially because we are facing three main threats whi
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the france. i don't usually for france as a place to give them a little jingle. i don't think of it as a domino's place. you have 208 and you're taking it to 850? >> we absolutely can, i have been in france a couple of times this year. our results are very strong there. french eat a lot of pizza, a lot more than you might think and we're the leaders there. >> the french like jerry lewis, i mean look -- i don't want dominos -- you know i like dominos, you know i was one of the first to get the app. here's what i want to know. dominos is kind of like a cultural chic thing? because the french tend to be a little snobbish, i don't naturally think of them going for the dominos. >> they love it. they love it. we're delivering to their homes, the pizzas there are terrific. >> do you put a big ad campaign in each of these countries, would i see domino's ads during their soccer games where they cared passionately about it? >> it's one of those things that really generates growth in a market is you reach the point where you can go on television and the first time you do that when you've got enou
Sep 19, 2012 9:00pm PDT
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,523 (some duplicates have been removed)